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In 2007Chlorantraniliprole wins the most innovative Prize in Chemistry in the British Crop Production Council





The insecticidesfungicides and herbicidesincluding Selective herbicide and non-selective herbicide as the representative for the pesticidessince the pesticide comes out, have acted as "poison"'s roleOnce the oral intake Herbicide "Paraquat" although it is moderately toxic, both of livestock and poultry or people, will be "doomed beyond all doubt" and "refuses to sight of blood"Paraquat is not the main antidote, it will result in the body's digestive system decay





Chinese Common Name: Chlorantraniliprol2007 Brighton (BCPC) Plant Protection of the General Assembly was the most innovative Prize in ChemistryEnglish Common Name: Chlorantraniliprole. Dupont make this new compound a registered trademarks as RynaxypyrThe emergence of DuPont’s Chlorantraniliprole is subversion of the "toxic pesticides" conceptDuPont will be respected and admired as a world-class leader in the field of pesticide companies, and will make a long-term leader, in this field





Firstlyexperimental purposes




1, Learning the oxidation theory and experimental methods of nitrounderstanding preparation methods of acyl chloride and amide




2, Masteringinsect repellents N, N-diethyl-toluamide Synthesis




3, Mastering the use of oil-water separator, water operations, gas processing, re-crystallization, vacuum distillation, operating techniques such as refractive index measurement and understand the column chromatography





Secondly, experimental principle




 Mosquito is the enemy of mankind, it can spread many diseases. For example, malaria, hepatitis, dysentery, etc.







application technology for insecticides Chlorantraniliprole of Dupont





In recent years, pesticide residues in agricultural products and animal toxicity, has been a hot spot of attention, a variety of high efficiency, low toxicity pesticides successful development, is changing the impact of pesticides on the environment. The world's pioneer in research and production of pesticides - the U.S .Dupont Company whose research and development in recent years, make the success of Chlorantraniliprole: trademarks: Rynaxypyr. Common name: 200 g / l (20%) Chlorantraniliprole SC

, has been of great concern around the world, and won the 2007 Brighton (BCPC) Plant Protection of the most innovative Prize in Chemistry. NowI introduce the innovative pesticide application technology described below:



Firstly: the product characteristics




1:the product has achieved sales of pesticide registration applications for all certificates that can promote the use of large area. As the chemical structure of Chlorantraniliprole a new Insecticidal Principle, can efficiently activate the insects Ryanodine receptor. Excessive release of intracellular calcium ions from stores of calcium, resulting in insect from paralysis to death, high activity for the larvae of Lepidoptera pests, broad spectrum insecticide and holding effect is good.




According to the current test results, the activity on target pests is 10-100 times higher than other products. And can lead to some Lepidoptera mating process disorder, Studies have shown that it can reduce the egg-laying rate for variety of Noctuidae pests, because of its biological characteristics, that is, good holding effect and resistance to rainfall, these features are actually permeability, conductivity, chemical stability, high insecticidal activity and lead to an immediate cessation of feeding pests, which all features are as a comprehensive embodiment for these action, therefore these characters decide that the use of Chlorantraniliprole is more longer and more stable and protective effect on crops than other pesticides are in use





2, the dosage form and content of currently registered in the fight against the major insect pests of rice on the protection of rice growing rapidly, especially for the other rice pests resistant to pesticides has been more special effects, such as the rice leaf roller, striped rice borer, yellow borer and pink rice borer. On the gall midge, rice weevil, rice water weevil also has very good control effect





3, this product is slightly toxic class of pesticides, which is very safe on pesticide staff and also on beneficial insects of the rice fields, fish and shrimp. Duration can reach more than 15 days, no residual effects on agricultural products, have good performance if is mixed with other pesticides




Secondly, Applied Technology




1, According to Zhejiang Province

, plant protection departments to control rice leaf roller in the rice fields, with 10 ml per mu, with knapsack sprayer spray two barrels, conventional spray. 7 days after the insecticidal effect reached 94.2%, protection of leaves results to 90.0%; 14 days after the insecticidal effect reaches 86.0%, protection of leaves effect reaches 83.9%. the control effect are better than commonly used 5% Fipronil 40 milliliters per acre



2, According to Sichuan Provincial Department doping test in the rice stem borer control applications, using 10 ml per mu, with knapsack sprayer spray two barrels, conventional spray. Twenty days later, anti-white ear to reach 96.1% efficiency, pest control effect of strain injury to reach 98.7%; insecticidal effect reaches 93.6%. Integrated control effect is better than commonly used 5% Fipronil 40 milliliters per acre and 20% of the control effect Triazophos 140 milliliters.





3Integrated experiment and demonstration across the country show that: First, Anhui tests will be equipped with four liters of water a bucket into the 5 ml of the variety of pesticides, and then put live goldfish. Several hours later, goldfish is still swimming, indicating a very low toxicity for fish, you can prove it is safe for aquatic animals. Second, in Hubei, Jiangsu, Shanghai

on the prevention and control of rice leaf roller, stem borer, yellow rice borer, Sesamia inferens experiments and demonstrations, performed better than for the control effect of domestic and imported varieties of conventional pesticides, and therefore rice producing areas of pest control made on the application have a great potential.



ThirdlyNotes of promoting the use




1, As the pesticide has a strong permeability, the Pharmacy can be through the stem epidermal cell layer into the xylem, which is along the xylem conduction to other parts without pesticide application. Therefore, in field operations, with fine spray or mist spray is better. But when the temperature is high or field evaporation is big, we should spray select from 10 am to 4 pm, which not only can reduce the use of spray volume, but also increase crop’s liquid volume and permeability well, is beneficial to improve the control effect.





2, In order to avoid the emergence of pesticide resistance, a quarter of crop or a kind of pests wish to use 2-3 times, each time interval is 15 days.





3: There are different forms, content and application of crop for the registration of these pesticides in our country, the user should select different levels of the pesticide and dosage on different crops.




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