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The current agrochemicals market conditions
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1) The insect pest and plant disease is not serious in Asian and Europe.


2) The price of food continues to lower, which reduce the sown area and farmer's enthusiasm for investment continually


3) The poor weather condition in European and Asia monsoon climateincluding the disaster increases all affects the crops to be sowed seeds normally


4Global Economic Downturn and cash flow problems, which lead each countries' agrochemicals importer and distributor to reduce the stocks of circulation link


5The importer postpones the purchase time generally



At presentthe selling price of China's agrichemicals manufacture already was nearby the costwhich everybody is in difficult maintenance and wait for the opportunity of economy recovery again .


From October, As a gradual recovery of the global economy the purchase costs of raw material for majority of Chinese pesticide manufacturers have started to rise, the product price has been bottoming out.


We conclude that importer is suitable to prepare proper inventory reserves if they have enough money



Besides, About the RMB exchange rate issue, the Obama visits, creates great pressure on RMB revaluation, moreover, China's official reports change the original keynote which maintain RMB exchange rate stable, and it is possible that RMB will appreciate slowly from next year,


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